MeMy name is Matthew Mola. I am a sophomore at Ridgewood High School. My favorite subject is math. My hobby is photoshoping because I really like to use computers to make pictures. I like computers because they really interest me. I like the operating systems Windows and Mac. I go to websites like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and CultOfMac everyday to check stuff on those sites. I would really like to learn how to make web sites and edit and make professional videos with effects. I'm not really a gamer guy, but I do play some good games on my PC. I like tablet computers too but I believe laptops are better for portability. I started to know a lot about tech even before I got my first own computer in 2009. This my first web page and I look forward to making more professional pages using programs like Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 or even an online web site builder. I also like sports, movies, and TV Shows.

Geek New PageMy Own Page: Colorado National Parks and Monument


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