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Matthew Mola

"A gadget geek and Mr. Bean fanatic"

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"About Me"

As of right now, I am a high school graduate with a high school diploma. I would like to major in Computer Science with a bachelors degree in the IT concentration. Personally, I would like to build applications for mobile and desktop operating systems.
I am taking this course to become an expert in web development. Application development and web development have a lot of similarities that I would say is important to understand how to code in both ways. Web development is a great way to express your own work and show it off to potential business partners.

I am a full on geek that loves to read tech news, watch tech videos, and follow the latest developments of companies.
Other than tech, I am very into photography, cycling, and wrestling.
Photography, for me, is how I like to express my talents of taking pictures and shooting videos. Additionally, I like taking pictures of the city and nature itself. It allows me to express what I see and live to other people in other parts of the world, like my family from Poland. Recently, I have gotten into shooting timelapses, so I hope to do more of that.
I am also a huge wrestling fan and really like watching wrestling weekly. I understand its scripted entertainment, storylines, but I still feel very entertained by it.
Cycling is something I have been doing, since the fourth grade, with a passion. If there is a place I can get to without driving or even walking, I will ride my bike. I have no issues riding a bike an hour away, as I used to do that riding to NEIU, during my first semester here.

6 xhtml rules

  • Elements must nest symmetrically.
  • Element names are case sensitive. (Convention is to use lowercase values.)
  • End tags are required.
  • Empty elements are signified with a closing slash.
  • Attribute values must be contained in quotation marks.
  • Attribute-value pairs must be written in full. (e.g. checked:checked;)

10 favorite colors

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Orange
  4. Red
  5. Brown
  6. Gray
  7. Black
  8. White
  9. Pink
  10. Purple

HTML terms

A pair of HTML tags containing content.
Lets you provide more information about an element.
Document Type Definition contains the elements, attributes, and syntax rules for a language like HTML or XML.
Uniform Resource Locator, when you type an address in your browser, it connects to the appropriate web server and requests the file you specified.
Sets standards for HTML and provides an open, nonproprietary forum for industry and academic representatives.

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