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My name is Matthew, and I'm a web developer based in Chicago, Illinois.
I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Summer 2020, where I majored in Computer Science with concentrations in Information Technology and Computer Networks & Security. With a strong foundation in Web Development languages like HTML and CSS, as well as intermediate knowledge in Java, PHP, Git, and Linux, I am well-equipped to handle various projects. In addition to web development, I also have experience in mobile app development. I can create applications for both iOS and Android platforms using tools such as Android Studio and XCode. Furthermore, I possess the skills to set up Linux servers with software and scripts, demonstrating my versatility in different areas of technology. Currently, I am working at Humana as a .NET Developer, where I continue to expand my expertise and contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

On a personal level, I consider myself a full-fledged geek. I am passionate about staying updated on the latest tech news, watching tech-related videos, and following the advancements made by various companies. Beyond technology, I have a deep interest in photography, cycling, and wrestling. Photography is not only a hobby for me but also a means of expressing my creativity. I enjoy capturing moments, whether it be the beauty of the cityscape or the wonders of nature. Through my photography, I aim to share my perspective with people around the world, including my family in Poland. Lately, I have delved into shooting timelapses, and I am excited to explore this medium further.

As a huge wrestling fan, I find enjoyment in following the weekly events and storylines of this scripted form of entertainment. It may be staged, but the excitement and entertainment it provides are very real to me.

Cycling has been a passion of mine since the fourth grade. Whenever possible, I prefer to travel by bike rather than driving or walking. It allows me to stay active while exploring the world around me.

I am a team player who can work effectively both independently and collaboratively. I take pride in completing projects in a timely manner and delivering high-quality work. If you have any inquiries or project opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for visiting my website portfolio!

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Last Updated: 7/8/2023