About Me


As of right now, I am a senior student at Northeastern Illinois University. I am 23 years old from Chicago, Illinois. I am majoring in Computer Science with a bachelors degree in the IT concentration. Personally, I would like to build applications for mobile and desktop operating systems, build websites, or manage Linux servers. I am a full on geek that loves to read tech news, watch tech videos, and follow the latest developments of companies. Other than tech, I am very into photography, cycling, and wrestling. Photography, for me, is how I like to express my talents of taking pictures and shooting videos. Additionally, I like taking pictures of the city and nature itself. It allows me to express what I see and live to other people in other parts of the world, like my family from Poland. Recently, I have gotten into shooting timelapses, so I hope to do more of that. I am also a huge wrestling fan and really like watching wrestling weekly. I understand its scripted entertainment, storylines, but I still feel very entertained by it. Cycling is something I have been doing, since the fourth grade, with a passion. If there is a place I can get to without driving or even walking, I will ride my bike.

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Last Updated: 4/30/2019