This page contains websites and projects I have worked on from the beginning of my career to now.
From academic projects to personal websites for friends.
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Radio DePaul

Screenshot of Radio DePaul Website
Radio DePaul

This website is the current project I am working on right now and is near completion. I built this as a new website for DePaul University's Radio Station. It is built on WordPress for backend, Bootstrap theme with Bootstrap for frontend, along with WordPress plugins and custom PHP code for functionality. It also includes custom CSS and JavaScript on top of that for appearance tweaks and song metadata functionality.

Last updated Dec 2020

NEIU Intro To Internet Of Things

IoT Final Project

This project was a fun project to work on in Intro To Internet Of Things. The project was to design and implement two communicating components in the IoT ecosystem. An Edge that communicates and instructs a thing. The project uses a servo motor and photoresistor attached to the thing. The user at the Edge enters commands through the serial port to be sent over radio to the thing. The thing at the receiver side accepts these commands and perform the required action. Commands are encrypted and decrypted between the Edge and Thing.

Last updated 2019

NEIU Client Sided Web Development

Screenshot of Project 1 Website
Project 1

This website was the 1st project I worked on in my Client Sided Web Development Class. It was built with HTML and CSS but is based on HTML tables to showcase design. This class taught me a lot in regards to indenting and organizing code.

Last updated 2017

Screenshot of Project 2 Website
Project 2

This website was the 2nd project I worked on in my Client Sided Web Development Class. The project was to build a website with a team with an idea. I built a website based on selling photography services. It was built with HTML, CSS, and minimal JavaScript It uses HTML divs, with styling, instead of HTML tables for modern design.

Last updated 2017

Screenshot of Project 1 Frames Website
Project 1 Frames

This website is a copy of the 1st project I worked on in my Client Sided Web Development Class. It was built with HTML, CSS, but demonstrates using HTML frames (as extra credit).

Last updated 2017

Damita M. Menezes Website

Screenshot of Damita M. Menezes Website
Damita M. Menezes

This website is a personal website for student Journalist, Damita. I currently host this website on my personal Linux server. I setup it up as a WordPress page and it evolved with themes and plugins. I worked on styling this page, using CSS, to Damita's vision.

Last updated 2020

Ridgewood High School Web Design

Ridgewood High School Web Design

These websites and projects were created in my high school class of Web Design. I worked with Adobe Dreamweaver to create basic HTML pages and Adobe Flash Professional to create Flash animations. This was my first web design class and helped me grow my passion into web development.

Last updated 2012-2013

Last Updated: 10/4/2021