Playing your favorite variety with hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and now

About mmRadio

mmRadio was started by Matt on September 8, 2013, as mmtechm Radio.
It originally started as a radio station for his SA-MP Server.
From the beginning, it has been playing a various music genres.
Over time, it has grown to being an oldies variety station.
There are over 500 songs being shuffled every day.
The playlist is updated on a monthly basis, including new songs.
It is maintained as a hobby and serves as place to listen to a variety of music without the annoying advertisements.

mmRadio is powered by:

Shoutcast LogoShoutcast 2.6.1 - Audio Server
Liquidsoap LogoLiquidsoap 2.1.4 - Transcoder Server

mmRadio is available on:

.PLS Playlist .M3U Playlist Non-secure HTTP Stream
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